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Professionally experienced tattoo artist Ismaray Manso specializes in custom creative graphic and Tattoo art design, offering big bold bright colorful tattoos, as  well as some photo realism and black & grey designs and cover ups.

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Is not a Tattoo, is a piece of art!

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Choosing a Tattoo Artist

Choosing a tattoo artist

The most important thing you can do before getting a tattoo is taking the time to find the right studio and/or artist. Many people just decide on a whim that they want to get a tattoo

Choosing Your Tattoo Design

Choosing Your Tattoo Design and Where to Put It:

Consider Your Professionalism It's great to see that many white-collar professionals are getting tattooed these days. It is becoming more main-stream and acceptable on all levels of education, background, and professions.

Tattoo Safety Checklist

Tattoo Safety Checklist:

You may not find what you're looking for in a tattoo in the portfolio, but it will definitely help you decide if you might want to be trying to find the exit door! And don't be swayed by pretty pictures.

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Ismaray Manso also work with acrylic, oils, coloured pencils, and graphite and charcoal. Manso Tattoo Arte is art by hart!